Truck air conditioner

truck roof air conditionerFeatures of truck air conditioner

  1. High security: electric air conditioner can be operated in the window to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, providing security for the driver to rest or stop waiting.
  2. Low noise: Compared with ordinary air conditioning systems, the electricair conditioner adopts 12v/24v high efficiency brushless DC compressor, which is safer and quieter.
  3. High comfort: The air conditioner has intelligent control function to ensure a healthy and comfortable environment for the cab.
  4. More energy efficient: no need to start the engine, saving at least 3,000 gallons of fuel per year while reducing engine wear and related maintenance.
  5. Protect the environment: no need to run the engine to ensure zero emissions.
  6. Protect the battery safety device: When the battery voltage is too low, the system will automatically supply power to protect the battery from sufficient power to start the engine.

Application of truck air conditioner

Truck cab, van, trailer, etc.

The main technical parameters

Input Voltage :12/24V DC

Max Input Power:720W

Max Input Current:30A

Max Cooling Capacity:2600W/8875BTU



Certification:TS16949, CE, Emark

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