Rooftop Mount Truck Air Conditioner for Vehicles

Rooftop Mount Truck Air Conditioner for VehiclesIntroduction of air conditioner for vehicles

The electric independent variable frequency parking air conditioner can also rely on the electric energy stored in the automobile battery when parking. Compared with the traditional vehicle air conditioner, the parking air conditioner does not need to rely on the vehicle engine power, which can greatly save the fuel consumption of the vehicle and reduce environmental pollution. The high-efficiency and energy-saving motor has unique design, advanced structure, superior performance, safe and reliable operation and convenient use.




Characteristics air conditioner for vehicles

  1. Split structure, outer machine back
  2. Intelligent low voltage protection, no worries
  3. Inverter cooling, energy efficient
  4. Long battery life to meet the night’s sleep needs
  5. The whole machine has a long warranty of 24 months, eliminating the worries
  6. Anti-vibration design, smooth and comfortable
  7. CE, C8, CQC safety certification

Application of air conditioner for vehicles

Various types of trucks, RVs, yachts, trucks, retrofits and excavators, loaders, mine traction locomotives, yards, steam elevators, etc. The cooling and cooling of construction machinery and equipment with DC power supply places is convenient and quick to install.

The main technical parameters

Input Voltage :12/24V DC

Max Input Power:720W

Max Input Current:30A

Max Cooling Capacity:2600W/8875BTU



Certification:TS16949, CE, Emark

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