Roof Top Mounted Truck Cab Air Conditioner

roof top truck air conditionerIntroduction of truck cab air conditioner

Truck cab air conditioner adopts the whole machine design concept, the integrated structure fuselage integrates functions and interiors to enhance the overall quality of the product. The ABS body shell not only resists high temperature and aging, but also makes the weight of the product lighter and more Safety.




Features of truck cab air conditioner

  1. The electric air conditioning can work in the car window to avoid poisoning of CO and provide security for the drivers to rest or parking;
  2. Low noise,high performance
  3. High comfort:healthy and comfortable driving environment;
  4. High efficiency and energy saving;
  5. Environmental protection: without the engine running, zero emission;
  6. Battery safety device: When the battery voltage is too low, the system will automatically cut off the power supply to protect the battery has sufficient power to start the engine.


truck cabin, van, trailer, etc.


Product Name Battery powered air conditioner
Model T20B
Refrigerant R134A
Cooling Capacity 2200W/7500Btu/H
Length 780mm
Width 1050mm
Thickness 200mm
Compressor Brushless DC Electrical Compressor
Cooling Air 950 m³/h
Condenser Fan 1800m³/h
Working Time 4-5 hours(Only track battery)
10-12 hours(With auxiliary)
Working Current 30A(24V) or 55A(12V)
Shut-off Voltage(Batteries Protection) 21.5V/10.5V
Fan Speed 3 speed
Total Weight(Included Package) 32kg
Net Weight 24.1kg
Controller Digital

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