Is it safe to install a parking heater on a truck?

Is it safe to install a parking heater on a truck?

There are more and more parking heaters for other types of vehicles such as family cars, light trucks, heavy trucks, tractors, trucks, and motor homes. However, for various reasons, we can always see the combination of car heaters. In the event of a safety accident, is it safe to install and use the parking heater? What is the cause of the safety hazard of the parking heater?

In 2017, a large truck ignited the WeChat circle of friends while driving. After investigation, it was found that the parking air heater installed on this large truck was the main cause of the accident. However, due to the accident, the topic of whether the parking heater is safe is mentioned again, but it is gratifying that the parking heater is not safe compared to the previous years. Now the riders are more rational and very clear. The safety of installing parking heaters is guaranteed. How to effectively ensure the safety of parking heaters?

Choose reliable, safe parking heaters

4kw air parking heater
4kw air parking heater

Flame retardancy of materials: As a heating and heating device, we are most worried that the most fear is that it will cause fire, or the equipment will be deformed in the case of severe high temperature, which will cause safety hazard. Therefore, the flame retardancy of the heating equipment is guaranteed. The primary factor in the safety of parking heaters

Real-time temperature monitoring: A qualified parking heater has a temperature sensor to check the real-time temperature. When the temperature reaches a certain value, the heater stops running. The general heater manufacturer is only equipped with a cylinder temperature sensor or an outlet temperature sensor, but Yuhao Technology is equipped with a cylinder temperature sensor and an outlet temperature sensor. When one of the two temperatures reaches the set value, Sending a signal to the controller to stop the heater operation not only reduces the energy consumption of the heater, but also better protects the heater.

Real-time monitoring of carbon monoxide: The parking heater is operated in a relatively closed environment. If the quality of the heater itself is not closed or the exhaust gas leaks due to installation problems, the safety of the rider cannot be guaranteed. The Yuyu parking heater has a real-time monitoring function of carbon monoxide. When the carbon monoxide exceeds the standard, an alarm will be given to ensure the safety of the heater.

Install the parking heater as required to ensure safe use of the parking heater

Installation of the car heater must be carried out in accordance with the instructions for use or in a qualified installation shop, because the irregular heater installation method may cause the heater to enter and exit the wind is not smooth, exhaust emissions and other safety hazards.

Regular maintenance and maintenance of parking heaters

The parking heater is a seasonal heating device. If it is not used for a long time, it is recommended to check it at the installation store before using it. Clean up the carbon deposit, not only to ensure the heating effect, but also to use the heater safely.