Introduction of air parking heater diesel

The air parking heater diesel is a vehicle-mounted heating device that is independent of the car engine and has its own fuel line, circuit, incineration heating equipment and control equipment. The car engine and cab parked in a cold, icy environment in winter can be warmed up without the need to start the engine. Completely eliminate the cold start and wear of the car.
The working principle is to use the battery and fuel tank of the vehicle to instantaneously supply power and a small amount of oil supply, and heat the engine to heat the engine after the incineration of the gasoline to heat the engine to heat up the engine together. Parking heater product advantages:

air parking heater diesel
air parking heater diesel

(1) It is possible to preheat the engine and the car in advance without starting the engine, so that you can enjoy the warmth of home when you open the door in the middle of the winter.
Parking heater
(2) Preheating is faster, and the advanced remote control and punctual system can easily heat the car at any time, which is equivalent to having a car warm storage.
(3) Prevent the wear caused by low temperature cold engine to the engine. The study indicates that the engine wear caused by a cold start is equivalent to 200 km of normal vehicle travel, and 60% of engine wear is due to cold launch. Therefore, the parking heater can fully protect the engine and extend the service life by 30%.
(4) Dealing with the defrosting of the window, frosting, and fogging.
(5) Environmentally friendly products, low emissions; low fuel consumption
(6) The service life is 10 years, and once invested, it will benefit for a lifetime.
(7) The structure is compact and easy to install. Easy to protect and disassemble to new cars when replacing vehicles.
(8) In the summer, it is also possible to transport the inside of the car to cool and clear, to cool the interior of the car, and to complete a multi-functional machine.