Diesel water parking heater

air parking heater eberspcher heaterIntroduction

DW5 diesel water parking heater is also called DW5 plumbing heater, D refers to diesel, W refers to liquid (water heating), 5 refers to power 5 kW; DW5 parking heater heats the cooling medium in the circulation system through the principle of combustion heat exchange.

The DW5 parking diesel air parking heater can be combined with the engine and the internal radiator, defroster and other auxiliary cooling devices to form a circulation system, providing heat source for various vehicle engine low temperature start, windshield defrosting and car interior heating.

Characteristics of diesel water parking heater

  1. Compact structure, easy to disassemble and maintain
  2. Full combustion, high thermal efficiency
  3. Avoid low temperature start and reduce engine wear

Working principle

The combustion air drawn in from the surrounding environment and the fuel from the fuel tank of the vehicle are mixed and ignited in the combustion chamber, and the heat exchanger transfers heat to the coolant circulation system of the vehicle itself.


Low-temperature start-up, defrost and heating of various types of vehicles for water-cooled engines such as cars, commercial vehicles, buses, trucks, special vehicles, construction vehicles, boats, ships and yachts. It can also be used for heating, heat preservation and preheating of all kinds of vans and sprinklers, sanitation vehicles, food carts, and plant-specific vehicles that use water (antifreeze) circulation.


Type of parking heater DW5 12V DW5 24V
Heating medium Water, coolant
Control of the heat flow High Lower High Lower
Heat flow (W) 5000 1500 5000 1500
Fuel consumption (L/h) 0.69 0.2 0.69 0.2
Electricity power consumption in operation (W) 50 22 50 22
Electricity power consumption

in start (W)

Voltage DC12/24V
Allowable operating pressure up to 2.5 bar overpressure
Water volume in the heater 0.18 L
Water flow rate of the water pump against 0.1 bar 900 l/h+/-100 l/h
Minimum water flow rate of the heater 250 l/h
Fuel Diesel ( suitable for operating condition)
Allowable ambient environment


  In operation without operation


-40℃ to +75℃ -40℃ to +110℃
Control box


-40℃ to +75℃ -40℃ to +95℃
Oil pump -40℃ to +20℃ -40℃ to +95℃
Weight Approx. 4,5kg

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