Daily maintenance and maintenance of parking heaters

According to the incomplete statistics of manufacturers and car owners, the installation of parking heaters for vehicles has become a trend in the profession. With the increase in the number of people using parking heaters, the types of parking heaters are gradually increasing. However, regarding the user, the maintenance method and daily protection of the parking heater are still not comprehensive.

air parking heater 2kw 24v

air parking heater 2kw 24v
The owners who use the parking heater should remove the heater from the car for cleaning and overhaul in the winter, and add smooth grease. Usually it is not necessary to overhaul during a heating period, but it should be maintained and protected in time.
1. After the parking heater is operated for a period of time, the glow plug should be unscrewed and the volatile net removed to remove the carbon deposit. If the heating wire is blown, the new glow plug should be replaced.
2. If there is too much carbon deposit, causing the thermal efficiency to drop, the carbon deposits in the inner wall of the water jacket and the carbon deposit in the incineration chamber should be arranged.
3. The fuel tank, oil pipe and oil filter device should be cleaned and dredged, and cleaned regularly according to actual conditions.
4. The antifreeze or antifreeze mixture which is customary to the ambient temperature should be used as the coolant medium in the parking heater circulation system.
5, parking heater forced circulation pump, according to the application status, regular inspection, such as the leakage of the sealing surface or difficult operation when starting, should be promptly overhauled.
6. The active controller, solenoid valve and other electrical components of the parking heater are protected according to the general low-voltage electrical protection method. The performance parameters of the active controller are carefully adjusted by the manufacturer, and the user may not change it privately.
7. The motor used by the parking heater should not be repaired under normal conditions for 1000 hours. If the operation is not normal due to excessive operation time or other reasons, it should be repaired to check the carbon brush wear or the smooth condition of the bearing. Add smooth grease or replace the pre-run carbon brush if necessary.
8. In the time when the parking heater is not required, the parking heater power supply should be disconnected, and it should be kept clean and boring. It is forbidden to invade the parking heater into the water, and it is forbidden to rain. It is forbidden to expose to the sun for a long time. The heating function should be started 1-2 times a month for at least 5 minutes each time.
The daily protection of the parking heater is very important. Paying more attention to daily maintenance can not only extend the service life of the heater, but the most basic is to bring greater economic benefits to the user.