Air parking heater for car

Diesel Air Heater Introduction

The diesel air heater for car is a kind of on-board heating device that is controlled by a single-chip microcomputer to control the fan and the oil pump. It uses diesel and gasoline as fuel and air as medium. The motor is used to drive the impeller to rotate, bring in air to burn the diesel in the combustion chamber, and then pass through the aluminum heat sink.

The air parking heater for car is not affected by the engine when it is working. It can be installed in automobiles, trucks, construction machinery, ships, etc.

Advantage of diesel air heater

  1. Diesel air heater adopts microcomputer intelligent contro system and is easy to operate.
  2. It adopts imported ignition rod, which is reliable in ignition and long in life.
  3. Brushless motor, low noise and long life.
  4. Warm air mode, adjustable power; air conditioning mode, can set room temperature.
  5. Automatic diagnosis system for easy troubleshooting;
  6. Durable and easy to maintain.

diesel auto air parking heater for car truck

diesel auto air parking heater


Model DA4
Heating medium Air
Fuel Diesel
Control of the heat flow Stage
Power Large Medium Small Off
Heat flow (W) 4000 3200 2400 1600
Fuel consumption (L/h) 0.5 0.4 0.3 0.2
Electricity power consumption in operation (W) 55 30 16 8 5
Electricity power consumption in start (W) ≤100
Voltage DC12/24V
Maximum air intake temperature 40℃
Weight approx 4.5KG

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